Hand In Hand With Refugees – Donate Monthly

Provide lifesaving and life changing support

to refugee families

For families without a provider

(widows, orphans, the elderly)

For families living below the poverty line


For families at risk of exploitation and danger

Your support helps refugee families to survive with dignity and hope for the future.

When you choose to make a monthly donation, you stand hand in hand with a refugee family not just today or tomorrow, but until they can rebuild their lives again. Your support can provide shelter to an entire family, food to eat, and the hope they need to continue.

Monthly donations, regardless of their amount, are particularly special to us because they provide steady, regular support – allowing us to plan our work more confidently and effectively.

From Syria to Rohingya, Iraq to South Sudan, we are working around the clock to extend our lifesaving support to millions of people in need.

They can count on us, because we can count on you.

Please help us to keep every family forced to flee their home safe.

Become a Monthly Supporter

monthly is enough for 2 displaced persons to buy their basic needs

monthly is enough for 3 displaced persons to buy their basic needs

monthly is enough for one family of 5 displaced persons to buy their basic needs


Please make sure the amount is between 1 and 20,000 USD

This monthly gift goes to the most vulnerable families

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When you choose

to give monthly you will:
  • Make a bigger impact, by helping to preserve dignity and fight poverty among the most vulnerable refugee families
  • Get exclusive information about where your money is going
  • Be part of a passionate and powerful online community for refugees
  • Get a designated staff member who will act as your point of contact